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Dr Kahn

I had a good deal and the job was very good actually with Advance. Turnaround was pretty decent as well, about 3-4 days in total. If your computer is important to you I  suggest you do daily backups but if worst comes to worst I recommend you give these guys a call.

David Richardson

I am a solicitor and I managed to drop my external hard drive on the floor in the middle of a back up! I would not work from thereon. I tried one other place before I found Advance. He was very good. He was able to recover all of my images quickly and had a

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Frank P – Sale

James called into see a neighbour of mine and I asked him about a technical problem I was experiencing.  James offered advice and even rectified the problem for me remotely.  What’s more he didn’t even charge for this service!!! I didn’t think people like him existed anymore.  I can highly recommend this service and would

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