Remote support this is the software required for remote support and online meetings


Get TeamViewer from the website

To use the full potential of TeamViewer, we recommend to download the TeamViewer full version from our website.

  1. DOWNLOAD FILE HERE or do do this on another system visit
  2. Follow the instructions to save the setup file

Install TeamViewer on your device

After downloading TeamViewer, you can start the setup wizard.

  1. Run the setup file you have downloaded previously
  2. Select Installation to access this computer remotely (unattended) 1 under How do you want to proceed?
  3. Under How do you want to use TeamViewer? select the option that suits you.
    • If you want to use TeamViewer commercially (for your Business), select Company / Commercial use 2
    • If you want to use TeamViewer with friends and family, select Personal / Non-commercial use 3
  4. Click Accept – finish 4 to start the installation.

Configure unattended access to the device

You will then be asked to set up unattended access. It is recommended to not set this up when installing the software, if needs be it can be setup later

  1. To finish setting up unattended access, click Next followed by Finish. 2

After the installation, the TeamViewer main window will open automatically.


  1. Open your favorite web browser and go to
  2. Click Download TeamViewer.
  3. Click the downloaded TeamViewer.dmg file.
  4. Double-click the icon to begin the installation process.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  6. (Optional) If you choose to make your computer accessible remotely, you will be asked to choose a personal password for unattended access.

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2 comments on “Remote support this is the software required for remote support and online meetings”

  1. Prasanta Shee Reply

    One can also use remote support softwares like logmein, R-HUB remote support servers etc. for remotely accessing computers from anywhere anytime. They work well.

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