Data recovery Altrincham Cheshire – hard drives – Apple

Data recovery Altrincham Cheshire – hard drives – Apple

Courier Service Available – UK – Worldwide

 Data recovery Altrincham Cheshire hard drive



    Data recovery Altrincham Cheshire – hard drives – Apple

    Data recovery Altrincham Cheshire hard drives – Advance Computer Solutions are an all-in-one data recovery service based in Cheshire, Greater Manchester with our retrieval support based in Hale, Altrincham.

     Customers say that they have previously used our service and say that they have perceived us as being one of the most reliable and experienced hard drive recovery providers in the industry.

    Our dedicated service offers the most modern software and hardware techniques for optimum retrieval.

    We have the capacity, efficiency, and years of practical experience in retrieving your data safely, quickly, and affordably.

    Has your data vanished and you can’t retrieve it? Do not worry, we can salvage your valuable data. Through our quick, affordable, and professional service, Advance Computer Solutions promise to deliver the fastest, safest, and most reliable data recovery from our base in Altrincham Cheshire Greater Manchester.

    Email us at [email protected]  and we can quote you a reasonable price depending on your data recovery needs.

    You can contact us by telephoning us on 0161 942 9733 and know your data will soon be safely retrieved.

    Data recovery Altrincham Cheshire hard drive


    Here are why most people choose us as their first choice for Data Recovery:

    Affordable Pricing:

    Request a quote to receive a price estimate, which includes free in-house diagnostics and evaluation.

    Data recovery pricing is calculated based on your media type, capacity, and circumstances of failure.


    Free Diagnostics and Evaluation:

    We provide free diagnostics and evaluation. There are no strings or hidden fees attached. Send your media and have our engineers provide you with precise, accurate diagnostics and estimated recovery costs.


    No Data, No Charge:

    Advanced Computer Solutions offer a strict no recovery, no charge policy which means: no risk and your satisfaction guaranteed. You will only pay us per successful recovery and in the case that you are satisfied with the results.


    Recovery from ANY Media Type:

    Our dedicated service specialises in data recovery from all types of storage media. We are capable of recovering your data from media with logical, electrical, mechanical, and physical problems alike.

    For a complete list of our services please click here


    What can we do for you?

    Advanced Computer Solutions offers a variety of different types of data recovery, including hard drive data retrieval.

    We can restore your information and we can do this using ANY type of hardware, created by ANY manufacturer, ALL types of media, and ANY of the major operating system types.

    No matter what the storage device you are using and no matter what the damage your device has sustained, whether it may be a logistical, electrical, mechanical, or physical failure, if there is lost data we will attempt to get it back!

    We provide a wide variety of services; varying from crashed hard drives to the rebuilding and reconstruction of multiple hard drives.


    Below are just some of the services that Advance Computer Solutions can help you with today:

    • Hard Drive Recovery

    • Multiple Hard Drive Recovery

    • Tape Recovery

    • Flash Memory Recovery

    • Forensic Services

    • And Many More

    For a complete list of our Advance Computer Solutions services click here.

    Data recovery Altrincham Cheshire hard drive


    Data recovery Altrincham Cheshire – hard drive – Apple


    0161 942 9733



    • Desktop Hard Drives
    • Laptop Hard Drives
    • RAID Arrays
    • Flash Memory
    • Digital Media
    • MP3 Players
    • Zip Disks
    • Cell Phones
    • Magnetic Tapes
    • Voice Recorders
    • Network Storage
    • Computer Forensic
    • CD/DVD/Floppy Media
    • And Many More



    • Consultation Free
    • Diagnostics Free
    • Transfer Media Free
    • HighSuccess Rate
    • fast turnaround Time
    • NoData; No Charge
    • 100% Confidentially
    • Affordable Pricing
    • Friendly and Knowledge Staff
    • Years of experience

    Data recovery Altrincham Cheshire – hard drives – Apple



    David Cambell.

    In may 2015 managed to drop my external hard drive on the floor right in the middle of a backup and it would not work from then on. After trying one other place I found Advanced Computer Solutions. James is very good and was able to recover all of my images quickly with positive, friendly customer service. At first, I was extremely nervous to trust someone with this project but he exceeded all my expectations. I would definitely highly recommend Advance Computer Solutions to anyone. 

    Jason C.

    Advance Computer Solutions offer a very affordable service and I had a very positive experience with them. The turnaround was very good as well, about 3-4 days in total. If your data is important to you I  suggest you do daily backups but if worst comes to worst I recommend you give these guys a call.

    Callum Rogers

    The best data recovery experts around! I lost 9 years of data,  least of all of my family photos, documents, music, and everything important. My drive was so badly damaged that we weren’t at all sure we’d have much success since we had already sent it out to two companies but James was able to recover all my stuff! It only took a week and that was all good with me!





      Data recovery Altrincham Cheshire - hard drive

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