Cyber Security – Customer Review – Nabeel

Cyber Security – Customer Review – Nabeel

Cyber Security – Customer Review – Nabeel – Amazing work guys!!! I had a problem today with the server to our business in that it was password protected and it also had other more advanced security in place on a few different levels apparently according to Tom. Since we lost contact with our last IT guy we were stuck and not able to access the server in anyway after we noticed a fault had occurred, so the most tech savvy guy in the office thought he would take a look and couldnt do anything due to the security. I called these guys and two cyber security engineers called James and Tom were able to regain access and control of the server once again!!!! I could not believe it as it was password protected and the files had some sort of password protection too, I was absolutely amazed. It actually took them 20 minutes to get through the security and regain control of the system. The funniest thing was they did not even need to be in the building to do this they were able to start the work and finish it very promptly, I was gobsmacked to be honest at the lack of our own security and how they were able to remotely carry this out!!! They upgraded the security and they fixed the original fault we where having with the companies emails. I will call tomorrow as we are now looking for new IT support if that something you offer on a retainer in the same as what our last IT guy did for us, thanks so much again guys, I will call you tomorrow

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